‘Hafdis Huld has a painstakingly fragile, quirky voice – like Bjork crossed with Cerys Matthews on a diet of candyfloss. Her solo album delivers some minimal but deliciously skewed pop as Huld belies her gooey vocals and strummed acoustics with dark concerns and some satisfyingly nasty lyrics.’
4 stars, The Guardian


‘This is a gorgeous solo debut from the former singer with Icelandic electro-pop outfit Gus Gus. In a fragile voice that recalls Stina Nordenstam, Hafdis Huld sings dreamy, disjointed pop over gentle backings, with barbed lyrics that snag under the delicate surfaces. One song is called Ice Cream is Nice, but elsewhere, it sounds like she’s offering it to some hapless ex, spiked with acid.’
The Independent


‘Icelandic singer-songwriter Hafdis Huld specialises in intricate, imaginative songs. Inspired by her love of classic songwriters like Burt Bacharach, Dirty Paper Cup includes everything from campfire ballads with catchy choruses and finger-plucked guitars to DIY pop with wonky keyboards and honeyed vocals.’
4 stars, Diva Magazine


‘Our Viking cousins … are producing female singer-songwriters of originality, mystery and imagination – women worth getting worked up about. Hafdis Huld grew up with folk music but for her it was the stories that stuck, “Elves and stuff – because I’ve got a really overactive imagination I embrace all that”, she says, her accent treacle-thick despite 5 years in London. Her album, Dirty Paper Cup, was made after a series of adventures both musical and dramatic, but is full of wide-eyed innocence and curiosity. “I start writing all my music as stories, as poems”, she says, “because I really don’t want to write about (she puts on a nasal ballad voice) how much I love you and you love me and I feel your breathing and your touch. That seriously isn’t all people think about – not even girls.”‘
Esquire Magazine


‘Hafdis Huld is proof that Iceland’s waters breed elfin pop stars who are musically original and deliciously bonkers.’
The Sunday Times


‘Sublime – charismatic story-telling pop of the highest quality.’
Clash Magazine


‘She’s an Icelandic siren who has already picked up a reputation as the maddest guest currently gracing interviewers couches. Her delicate melodies hark back to Bjork’s finer moments as myth maker and storyteller, to lou Reed’s pop vision.’
Manchester Evening News


‘She’s the maddest guest I’ve ever interviewed. I love her to bits!’
Phil Jupitus, 6 Music


‘An exquisite and supremely original female singer – Hafdis Huld is the kind of heroine music really needs.’
Play Music


‘As gorgeous on the ear as the lady is on the eye … an absolute sure-fire hook for the pale, sensitive boys pining for her and the fashionably quirky young girls pining to be her.’


‘Contains the sort of music you’ll soon hear on a cool TV advert and think, “Who the hell is that?”
London Lite


‘Tunes that intrigue, entice and beguile … (they) ease into your head like rays of sunshine over a range of settings that are unashamedly smart, upbeat and rather special.’
4 Stars Music OMH


‘A hook-filled seductive pop album of unique charm & wit.’
Top 40


‘This cutie’s got balls.’
The Word Magazine


‘Excellent… full of quirky pop songs.’


‘You will not be able to resist.’
Spill Magazine


The Sun


‘It’s very cool. We like that.’
4 stars Boyz


‘Intoxicatingly spooked and skewed stuff.’


‘Utterly addictive stuff.’
Road Records